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--Becoming a Reader
--Talking and Listening
--Reading Together
--Learning about Print and Book
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--Preschooler Reading List/Booklist
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Congratulations on finding your way to this site!

Our Goal At Improve-Reading-Skills.Com

At, we have only one goal. As our name plainly states, we are here to help you improve your child's reading skills.

Who Benefits From Improve-Reading-Skills.Com?

It doesn't matter who you are - whether you're a parent, grandparent, teacher or caregiver, there is something here for you.

Through our ever-growing archive of educational and instructive articles, we will help you to determine which reading strategies are right for your child.

Improve-Reading-Skills.Com Can Help You Develop Strong Readers

Improve-Reading-Skills.Com will show you how to approach talking, playing, and reading with your child in ways that will help him or her become a good reader and writer later in life.

You will learn how simple it is to include fun language games and activities into everyday things that you already do with you toddler, making him a stronger, better reader when he enters school for the first time.

You donít need special training, expensive materials or even a lot of time to begin introducing reading to your baby or toddler. You can reinforce these skills and we will show you how.

Improve-Reading-Skills.Com Will Show You Proven Reading Strategies Backed Up By Scientific Research

Our writers use the very latest in scientific research to formulate the reading strategies which they share with you, so you can always be sure that the information is up to date. Whether you are a parent, a caregiver or a teacher, if you are concerned about improve the reading skills of children, then this is the perfect place for you!

And as for your elementary age child, will also introduce to you activities that you can use to help him or her acquire the skills they need to excel in school.

At Improve-Reading-Skills.Com Here Are Some Other Important Things You Will Learn:


  • What are the building blocks of reading and writing?

  • What does scientific research say about how children learn?

  • How can you help children improve their reading skills?

  • What should you look for in quality day care centers and preschools?

  • What can parents do at home to contribute to their childís school success?

  • What books should you read, websites should you visit and organizations should you contact if you would like more help or information?

  • How can teachers and parents work together to help children achieve success in school?

  • How should you prepare your children for test taking?

  • What signs should you look for to tell whether your child may have a learning disability?

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Student poll leaves Ramsay out in the cold

HOT-headed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been rejected as rector of St Andrews University after students elected a retired environmentalist to the prestigious role in his place.

Almost half of all high school pupils 'failing' at maths

CHANGES to the way maths is taught in Scotland's classrooms were demanded by education watchdogs yesterday.

Sorcha's eco-friendly art has recycling contest in the bag

A TEN-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl has won a competition to design the ultimate shopping bag as part of a recycling campaign.

£617m schools plan go-ahead defies critics

HIGHLAND Council yesterday confirmed its determination to go ahead with what will be its biggest building project ever - despite a claim that it could become the region's Darien colony.

Go-ahead for £8m extension to university

PLANS for an £8 million extension to Edinburgh University's medical school buildings on the Meadows have been given the go-ahead.

Scots research is below par, say scientists

SCOTLAND'S top scientists say the country will not be able to compete in ten years time unless it starts to market itself as a global centre of academic excellence.

Artists turnip in their droves

STUDENTS at Edinburgh College of Art are competing for the coveted Turnip Prize 2005.

Napier nets £106k boost

NAPIER University has won a £106,000 grant from the Scottish Executive to help develop communication between the science and business industries.

Maths teachers 'must do better'

SCOTLAND'S maths teachers must try harder, a watchdog said today.

Children have write stuff to win contest

EIGHTEEN children have been presented with prizes after impressing the judges in a creative writing competition.

Author Mokees about in schools

A SPOOKY tale involving magic and mirth is currently capturing the imagination of the Capital's schoolchildren.

Gang withdraws cash machine

A GANG of thieves has stolen an entire cash machine containing £6000 from a city university.

Switch on your learning light when it counts

IN THE final part of our study guide, PETER RANSCOMBE examines ways to find which method works best for you.

Education to foot bill in council's £18m clawback

GLASGOW City Council is clawing back money for schoolbooks and cutting its social work budget in a bid to save £18 million between now and Christmas.

City university soars up global rankings

EDINBURGH University has shot up the rankings of the world's most prestigious educational institutions. The university leapt 18 places from 48 to 30 in the top 100 list in the Times Higher Education 2005 World University Rankings published today.

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